GAMES · 13. June 2019
Hello dears! Yes guys, for me on the door frame! Unfortunately I was not able to post the promised second version yesterday. Besides, I didn't fully realize what I wanted. But this is not a big problem, the main thing I wanted to have time to do and more to make you expect will not. I present to you v2! Main changes in brief: - Enemies of the first three levels have been fixed - All heroes ' weapons have been completely fixed - Damage increased, now enemies die faster
GAMES · 08. May 2019
I regret to inform you that for family reasons, I do not have time to put a good version of the game on may 9. The game is raw, and not spread the full version, I don't want to. I deeply apologize. Release carry over to June 12.
GAMES · 16. April 2019
- Fixed enemy behaviors and bugs - Fixed bugs and freezes of heroes ' weapons - Partially updated weapon heroes - Partially redesigned levels A more detailed description of the hack will be a few days before release!
GAMES · 23. February 2019
Hello dears! And here is the highly anticipated HACK for a mind blowing game from KONAMI games on the SEGA GENESIS. Work on the game was very much, but all in order.
GAMES · 19. February 2019
GAMES · 13. February 2019
SITE · 16. September 2018
Hello dears! From today, the site officially works. News about my will demand only the most basic. Subscribe to my channels in Telegram and YouTube. I will be glad to read your comments. Thank you!)